Application for Tesla Employment

The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History

Is the story of the man who solved two problems by inventing leaded gasoline and chlorofluorocarbons resulting is unintended consequences: And that; is why Mr. Musk needs a Rasputin, a Jiminy Slithers, a student of cognitive bias and manifestation on his team.

September 11, 2021

Attention Tesla Human Resources
Application for Employment

Sought Position: Rasputin - Special assistant to Elon Musk

Type: Two Year Contract

Location: Remote

Position Description:
1.) To audit and review data streaming over low earth orbit of key moments of day-to-day Tesla evolution from a mobile platform transiting the pacific northwest over the 2022 season 

2.) To develop and provide brief commentary regarding observations.

Requirements: 80 foot plus charter with the crew and technical support

References:  the Anarchy of daFish

Expected Remuneration 2022: reasonable expenses for my wife and myself while in transit, TBD Tesla shares and/or 1 Model Y (loaded).

Personal Five Year Goal: the Flux Capacitor

Today's Tom Sawyer or not, so very few of us will get to go to space; only 1% of 1% of that select few will ever make it to Mars. 

That's the rub!
So what's the technical fix for the meek of the earth?
the teeming democratic lives matter masses?
the Q-anon only I matter zombies?
and the independent nothing I do will ever matter?