Icarus Flyby and the Flux Capacitor

90% of the world's population owns a smart phone.

We are connected by infrastructure that circles the planet 

Global Proportional Democracy is now possible.

Executive Summary:

The Flux Capacitor describes an extension of the e-Estonia digital society where digital identities are maintained in low-value hard-to-reach local community-owned silos rather than high-value directly connected corporate mega datacenters. 

fluxNodes restore primary key ownership of DATA, the base of the DIKW information pyramid restoring the integrity of the INFORMATION layer while removing the thumb from the balance of KNOWLEDGE.   Primary Key ownership provides value to the owner.   A fluxNode provides unbiased data by location to the market reestablishing the advantage of location to both business and customer.

theFlux concatenates tribalism, building consensus upward creating agile continuous improvement rather than waterfall autocratic trickle down fear and oppression.

We can not keep relying on 6 geniuses to bail out the ship we sail through the cosmos when there are Luddites drilling holes below the waterline because they really, really believe Valhalla is on the other side of the hull..  

A Holon is a part of one or more systems and is, at the same time, a system formed by subordinate parts that integrates as a whole. 

theFlux is the holon of discontinuous flexNodes on the worldwide web

in other words

A fluxNode is a local area network that shares wireless services as a neighborhood and is connected to the internet behind a AI firewall

(more or less)

any device will do, the system is built into the local infrastructure and works by running separate encrypted and open systems.  you are registered and your device is registered  you are biometrically singed into the system, a 2021 your voice is your password and this is where you live.  when you browse the internet you do so via a avatar, a set of files, running on a virtual machine on the open side of the system carrying a private key which reads fluxNode555@token+GUI, when you are done for the day you can save or reset the avatar, just like your browsing history

The technology to enable a Proportional Global Democracy is not rocket science, it's off the shelf stuff.  We already have it all.  It's an integration problem.  Someone is going to solve it.  

We are at the edge of the noosphere of technology, a sphere of reason and rationality where Terence McKenna and Teilhard de Chardin exchange raised eyebrows and I told you so's and all the wonders begin, but there's a rub. 

Media Information System White Noise

Nothing makes sense

Somewhere along the way we became 

pulled pork

we can no longer tell which seat to sit in, and the music just stopped.

Making the right decision has become a problem.

Shazam! Moore's Law 

everything gets smaller

It is the way.  

theFluxNode is a card trick.

a fluxNode operates in both realms. The Ethernet is the realm of the Worldwide Web and a Local Area Network Cell is the realm of a fluxNode. The two realms maintain open source embassies on the fluxNode where bitcoin tokens are exchanged and blockchains are updated by agents acting on behalf of secret identities. 

A fluxNode maintains your digital identity. 

You rent out your token when you enter the internet

That earns credit. You participate in decisions. That earns credit.

Everything Changes.

This is guess the number of jellybeans in a jar

using a tribal DOJO system of self management
Tesla Project Dojo is an Artificial Intelligence neural network training supercomputer announced in detail by Elon Musk on Tesla AI Day on August 19, 2021

Fear is the Mind Killer

Icarus Paul Atreides Flyby

Today the technology may be off the shelf, but the built-in tribalism scares da Peter Pan right out of me.  Once connected to a fluxNode, you may find politically independent city-states, charter communities, 

daAnarchy of daFish, places where the salt of the earth do their own thing on a common ground of theFlux terms of service burned into the ROM of every fluxPole

On a token network.  Get it?  The silence was heard. Said the joker to the thief. 

Icarus B. Enigma Dylan Flyby

the three laws of theFlux

theFlux terms of service

Universal Participation

Proportional Self Management

Shared Abundance

the three fluxNode laws

theFlux Services

Public Services

Transient Services

fluxResident Services

fluxCitizen Services

Change occurs at the boundaries

So there's nothing new, we all want the same things!  What you look for is someone who has already solved the next part of the puzzle. 

location in the business process

80 mg of Lipitor for 8 years

One small step for mankind