Afterword: Build it and they will come.  OPEN SOURCE + low Orbit communications

a fluxNode makes a lot of sense in the world of fiber-connected mega-data centers hosting Evil Russian dark wizards holding nation-states hostage on the same solid-state drive as Costco Verify Me;  where snake oil is sold endlessly, and subscriptions can not be undone.   a fluxNode provides cybersecurity by maintaining a hard-to-reach bubble universe not directly connected to the mega-cyberworld.  

I have a dream

a fluxNode makes even more sense after an shit-just-happens event where your local world just fell apart due to an unavoidable geologic, climatic, or pandemic event; or just another big rock from Mars.  A world in which suddenly, there is no pipeline supply chain; there is no access to the outside world, and help is not expected anytime soon.  A world where the people within 1000 meters are the only ones who might be able to help you for quite some time.  Nice friendly people.  Smile! 

the internet removes the advantage of location in the business process

a fluxNode enhances the advantage of the location and community by keeping you connected to the people who live near you, for example, people in a small town in the western united states you can borrow a cup of water from, after a five-year drought. Nice people, if you know them.

At the same time a fluxNode creates an exclusive local area network cyber-neighborhood member to member Costco, if you become a member and you follow the rules, you get the benefits.  I need some milk!  Is anyone going to the store?  No more turning away from the actual conditions of your tribe!

Today's Tom Sawyer or not, so very few of us will get to go to space; only 1% of 1% of that select few will ever make it to Mars. That's the rub. 

So what's the technical fix for the meek of the earth?
the teeming democratic lives matter masses?
the Q-anon only I matter zombies? 

and the independent nothing I do will ever matter?

In a theoretical world, where regardless of what you believe, climate change does exist; a fluxNode is an emergency solar-powered Dick-Tracy walkie-talkie with built-in crisis management and health systems that allows local communities to take care of themselves until more help, or a better solution arrives.  Built-in off-grid detailed action plans. Setting bones, growing food, 10,000 things you don't really know how to do.  Building communities.  

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You are a single sound, a single light, a single spark moving about as a single grain of sand

You are a member of a species with many voices, many points of light, billions of sparks moving mountains, shifting rivers and all together manifesting the moment we are in