the Door

When we were living in Colorado; there was snowfall. Our cat — I'm a cat man — wanted to get out of the house so I opened a door for him but he wouldn't leave. Just kept on crying. He'd seen snow before and I couldn't understand it. I kept opening other doors for him and he still wouldn't leave. Then Ginny said, 'Oh, he's looking for a door into summer.' I threw up my hands, told her not to say another word, and wrote the novel The Door Into Summer in 13 days.
Icarus Robert Heinlein Flyby

Science Fiction

I grew up in the heartland of America at the height of her power, reading science fiction.    Today I live on the east coast of Vancouver Island at the 50th parallel

We are in a polarized state of mitosis, a cell division that can not be stopped, but that doesn't mean that the resulting cells will be polarized.  Rather, two new identical cells will result pre-programmed by the epigenetics of the moment to become better cells.

What can we make given the moment we are in? 

In the morning my mother's breasts flowed with logic,
but in the evening they flowed with passion.  

Icarus Flyby 

I want the world to become sane.  I'm not sure what that means, but in 2011 I channeled Introduction to Plan B; the first version of the Flux Capacitor as a technological prosthetic, a mesh of a mash up facilitating sensemaking, democracy, enlightened self-interest and the fact that capital is a social agreement. 

Each day I look for that door into summer.  This is what I found.